Novation Circuit In Stock Now

Circuit is a great electronic musical instrument based on two Novation MiniNova synth engines, four drum parts and a 6-track, 16-step sequencer. 

Circuit has been designed to let you create music fast: getting great rhythm patterns together is quick and easy. It’s both a compositional tool and a live performance instrument. You don’t need to connect Circuit to a computer or other device to make music – it’s completely standalone, and can run off batteries if you wish. If you’re working in the studio, Novation’s superior sound quality means you can use Circuit as the basis of your fnished track. Circuit’s playing grid is a set of 32 illuminated, velocity-sensitive rubber pads, which can act as synth keys, drum pads, sequencer steps and perform numerous other functions. The pads’ internal illumination is intelligently RGB colour-coded, so you can see at a glance what’s going on. 

Eight rotary controls are provided to let you tweak the synth and drum sounds to perfection and a large Filter control is always available to further enhance your performance. There are a host of other quickly-accessible features: Synth patches and drum sounds to choose from, a choice of musical scales, adjustable tempo, swing and note length, and more. You can assemble sequences together into longer patterns and save your work in one of 32 session memories. Circuit also sends and receives standard MIDI data, so you can connect other MIDI-compatible devices, synchronise with other drum machines or grooveboxes, or to trigger synths, for example. The USB connection also handles MIDI; this lets you connect Circuit to your computer so you can synchronise and record MIDI data in your DAW.

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