eKalimba Due 2/10/2023

My name is David Bellinger and I have been inventing and building kalimbas for 20 years. I have taken the beautifully simple African idea of a "thumb piano" and expanded it with my creativity, craftsmanship, and engineering into a modern electronic instrument.

All these years I have experimented widely and now I make kalimbas with wonderful features found on no other instruments on Earth. Each kalimba you will see here is individually handmade by me with a serial number stamped in its aluminum bridge. There is no factory, no sales force, just one dedicated artist-inventor making sawdust and magic.


Notes from the Synth Library: this beautiful handmade wooden and metal electro-acoustic instrument features in an internal contact microphone and a 1/4" output jack for connection to the outside world. We recommend patching it to either a device expecting a microphone-level input, or a preamp to boost the signal up to line level or modular level. One such preamp is the Listen IO found in the lending program's 4ms Processing Pod.

Measurements: 5 3/8" wide x 7 1/4" tall x 2" deep.

Accessories included: 1/4" cable.