Welcome to the Synth Lending Library!


How do I check out a synth?

  1. Become a member on WithFriends
  2. Sign up for an orientation
  3. Create a MyTurn account and reserve that synth!

Check-in / out is currently offered as a curbside service in North Portland near the Albina / Mississippi MAX station on N. Interstate Ave.  Details for picking up and dropping off gear are provided in check-out emails.

When can I reserve a synth?

Reservations on Sundays and Mondays are for QTBIPOC only, then reservations Tuesdays through Thursdays until midnight are open to all.  You can check out up to two synths per two week lending period.

What synths are available to check out?

We currently are lending a variety of modern semi-modular synths, portable keyboards and small Eurorack skiffs.  You can see it all under the Inventory button above!

Are there in-person workshops for learning how to use synths?

Yes, check out our upcoming workshops!

All first time users of the Lending Library will be asked to attend a 45 minute online orientation before being able to reserve gear.  The librarian will be able to answer questions when you pick up gear as well.