Bastl Thyme Due 7/6/2024

Automate and synergize your jam with the Thyme, a one-of-a-kind audio effects processor run by Robots to which you can delegate your audio processing workload.

Bastl’s Thyme is best described as a sequenceable digital tape machine that optimizes your sound and liberates you from the shackles of mundane labor. With many parameters at hand, you can get a good grip on time-based effects and their wildest combinations. You’re free to play with delay, phaser, reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, tape delay, tremolo, vibrato, and compressor, and all of that in stereo! Your tunes can explore many sonic spaces, real or imaginary, from a tiny cubicle or to luxurious halls of corporate headquarters.

The Thyme builds up a new world that can be sustained or let fall into ruin and chaos – the choice is yours, boss!

Accessories included: power supply, quick start guide, 1/4" cables (2).