Drone Skiff Due 7/6/2024

This case includes modules in the eurorack format, and can either be used a standalone system or cross-patched with other modular gear.

The Boundary is a multi-purpose modulation and signal control center. It consists of a cycling slew and a four quadrant multiplier (VCA).

Siren is a stereo drone oscillator module.  Take its Left / Right outputs into the Listen Four Quarters inputs or through the Ripples filter for sculpting its tone.

Mutable Instruments Ripples Mk1 is a low pass / band pass filter.  Shape the tone of Siren's output and plug the filter's multiple outputs into the Listen Four Quarters.

Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix is a triggerable AR envelope generator that controls a simple VCA.  Siren's output (processed or not) can go through this module to give you distinct notes or plug Just Friends in for modulation events.

Alright Devices Chronoblob Mk1 is a digital delay module.  Thicken up your drones by putting Siren's output into this.  The Send / Return jacks can be sent through either Ripples or Sinclastic Empulatrix to modulate only the delayed signal.

4MS Listen Four Quarters is a mixer and headphone/output module.  Plug all of your audible signals in here to listen to them.

Includes power supply and 18 3.5mm patch cables.