Mainbow Video Synth Due 7/6/2024

Modular video synth with three modules.  Make live audio reactive analog visuals for your music!

Chroma Cauldron Mainbow - Semi-modular video synth with 4 analog oscillators, external composite video input, colorizer and audio reactivity.

The Mainbow is a self contained video synth that can generate 2D patterns and process external video footage.  Patch its 4 oscillators into the Hue, Luma, Saturation, and Alpha inputs to create wild and colorful patterns. Plug an old composite camera into its composite input and you can colorize and distort live video.

Foxing Hour LUMA - Mixer, inverter, multiple

Patch your oscillators into LUMA to mix them together and get more complicated shapes and patterns.

LoFiFuture T-420 - Composite video glitch enhancer / processsor

Patch the composite video output from Mainbow into the T-420’s input to add a dash of glitch to your video.  Sometimes this can make some displays drop out and show nothing so you may need to turn down the effect or hit the Bypass button.

This is a video synthesizer and needs a device capable of displaying a composite video signal (yellow RCA).  An old school TV works best but anything with a composite or AV input should work.  Its oscillators can make sound to patch with other audio synthesizers but they are better suited for video patterns.

Includes: power supply, 18x 3.5mm patch cables, 1x long RCA cable and 1x short RCA cable.  Composite video display / monitor to view the output is required and is not included.